Tarot Card for June The World Tree

No, dear reader, this is not a test of your memory. Last month at this time, you did read that I had pulled the World Tree as our tarot card for May. Here it is again; but, pulled from a different deck and at a different time. The coincidence is stunning, especially when we had seen it before in February.

What is going on? When something happens 3 times such close proximity, I get a message to sit up and to take notice. I decided to pull a second card for clarification or amplification. The Two of Stones---Challenge popped out of the deck as I was shuffling. So more specifically, the message seems to be “Sit up and take notice of our Earth, the Tree of Life is reminding us of our challenge to keep the world green and alive; not just today but every day.

The Greenwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and Chesca Potter is the source for today’s reading. Note that Mark also co-authored The Wildwood Tarot from which I pulled the February World Tree card. This is a Major Arcana card, meaning that it is a key card to highlight a part in the overall journey of the individual and of the Universe. This card usually comes toward the end of the journey, indicating that the reader has attain a certain level of understanding and/or progressed far enough along the way to look at the bigger picture.

Certainly, the bigger picture for us as individuals and for the general state of the world is in need of attention. I first became passionate about Celtic spirituality and telling the stories of the ancient past of Celtic lands because I came to believe that the Celtic Oneness with Nature was a Universal Truth that we all need to remember.  I was walking back to the parking lot of Glendalough, the beautiful monastic site St. Kevin built in the 6th Century from a deep meditation at a creek side fairy ring.

As I left the magic of that meditation, a shamrock and pine needled carpet beneath tall trees provided a gentle path back to reality. Then I saw a plastic 1 liter soda bottle and some crisp wrappers carelessly left under one of the trees. It was the first litter I had seen in Ireland.

My heart sank at the thought that anyone could be so clueless and selfish in a place of such natural beauty and sacredness. As I slowly wandered back, a voice within told me to write about our connection to Nature; to encourage a return to rituals and mindsets that honored Mother Nature and the Divine Feminine.

The draw of the World Tree once again reminds me that this work must be done, not just once or twice, or even three times. We must protect and love our planet, represented by this tree of life every day.

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