Celtic Calendar Deconstructed

I like to stay mindful of the Celtic calendar because it heightens my awareness of the turnings of seasons and the activities of the sun and moon as they change throughout the year. Sometimes, in the busy-ness of our modern world with its artificial lighting and 24/7 scheduling, I forget.

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Past Life Times

Have you ever had an overwhelming feeling of familiarity while being in a place or situation, but you know is seems impossible that you were there in this lifetime?  Did visiting a particular historical place, watching a movie or reenactments of historical events and battles trigger a feeling or memory? Maybe you are drawn to a particular era of time while studying history and getting an “A” on the topics of Ancient Egypt.

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Coming January 21, 2019: Guest Blogger Kenneth McIntosh

Guest blogger for January 21, 2019 is Kenneth McIntosh, author of Water From The Ancient Well and other books on Celtic spirituality. He has traveled extensively in the British Isles and has presented workshops in both the U.K. and the U.S on the topic. He also serves as minister of The United Church of Christ in Honeoye, New York. I have been enjoying exchanging ideas and experiencing based on our shared passion for the subject and am sure you will enjoy his views as well. Check him out on Facebook, Amazon and/or Anamchara Books.

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