Drawing the March Hare

This is the third time we begin the month with a tarot or oracle card. And, once again, it is an uncanny pick.  Here we are in March and I drew a picture of March hares. I must admit that I have only a distant memory of the March hare in Alice in Wonderland and a fainter memory yet of the phrase “mad as a March hare”. A bit of research tells me these big hares do live in Celtic lands, that they jump around and “box” all night, acting mad from a human perspective. People are most likely to witness this crazy activity at dawn in March when light is optimal and breeding season makes the hares most active. Thus, the Brits coined the term “mad as a March hare”.

Another coincidence or synchronicity was my blind choice of which deck to use. The Greenwood Tarot (1996) is a companion deck to the one I used last month, and I actually cited it then. So again, I salute Mark Ryan and I thank him and his co-author, Chesca Potter. I love how he and his colleagues brought the Greenman to life in these decks and their books of interpretation and background.

Thirdly, it is the card of spring equinox, the balancing of light and dark, leading to an equally long day and night. And, here we are (at least those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) nearing spring equinox.

But, let’s get to the card and its message.

The card, pictured above, is the Two of Stones, which in this deck reads:

Challenges.  “Mad March hares ‘box’ for domination”.

Give yourself a minute to reflect on both the picture and those words.

In what ways does it reflect an aspect of your life this month?

In what ways might you stop the madness of a fight for domination?

In what ways might you reframe/ handle the challenges before you?

Twos, of course, represent duality. Stones represent the element of earth.  In classic tarot, the Two of Pentacles is a card of juggling, of balancing, of working toward harmony. Here we have two animals who live in the ground, surfacing to a run wildly through the grass, and then confronting one another. Whether this is a playful game, a serious struggle, or a mad antic is subject to interpretation. What we know is that there is madness a foot when we do not stay grounded to the earth, when we do not recognize polarity and when we do not find balance in our lives. At least that is my take away from this month’s card pick.

I welcome your comments.