Past Life Times

Guest Post by Janice McNamara

Have you ever had an overwhelming feeling of familiarity while being in a place or situation, but you know is seems impossible that you were there in this lifetime?  Did visiting a particular historical place, watching a movie or reenactments of historical events and battles trigger a feeling or memory? Maybe you are drawn to a particular era of time while studying history and getting an “A” on the topics of Ancient Egypt.  Chances are you had an experience in the past that your soul can resonate with. These times hold long stored memories from past lives which are whispering, luring one in to explore the deepest mysteries. In the book, Amidst the Stones of Celtic Ireland, Jeanne Crane brings us though one woman’s journey to make sense of this confusing discovery.

Giving our attention to the past is important for many reasons.  These life times are filled with treasures that serve to guide us in current times.  Looking closely at them, a number of things will be revealed including old patterns of behavior or old belief systems that do not fit our current times.  These patterns and beliefs continue lifetime to lifetime until resolved. It is time to embrace these experiences and allow the past to reveal the truth of who you are underneath your life experiences.  

Another valuable way the past attempts to communicate is through messages of what you are to do in this time.  Depicted in Amidst the Stones of Celtic Ireland, the character, Abby, experiences emotions she does not understand.  She spends time visiting many sacred sites with only the thought and feeling that something was drawing her to them.  In silence she spent time amidst the stones and later discovered that what she was feeling was related to a trauma that happened in another lifetime.  She is beautifully supported during these excursions by Cyndee, her friend in the story, who was able to hear spirit clearly and relay messages to Abby.

Before the real message could be embraced by Abby, one important thing had to happen.  The emotions she held from the trauma in that lifetime had to be addressed and her heart needed to feel that pain.  Her willingness to return to the stones throughout the story gave her steady, gentle access to the emotions as the story unraveled.  Having sat in silence with her emotions and opening her heart to this time in the past, Abby was able to move forward and embrace her real purpose for being in Ireland amidst the stones. Her soul in that time already had the knowledge about the stones but it was overshadowed and forgotten by the trauma she experienced.

The gift of knowing who we are and what our purpose is loves to hide beneath the layers of fear.   This knowledge can be suppressed over long periods of time because it is typically not safe to expose our true selves.   It is time now to let go of the past, knowing that our truth is more supported and honored today. Know that the old patterns and beliefs we held so dearly do not even apply to now.  They were created at a time when upheaval and the need to survive was an everyday way of life.   

The gift of intuition, the ability to hear the messages of our ancestors, and divine guidance is everyone’s right.  Cyndee was able to assist Abby without fear of being judged as they were friends. She otherwise pushed this ability aside, suppressing a very important part of who she is.  My hope for everyone who reads Amidst the Stones is to embrace your gifts and honor your inner guidance.

Janice McNamara, RN, BSN, Intuitive Energy Healer and founder of Next Step Holistic, has a private practice in Brighton New York where she guides adults and teens on a journey of self-discovery. She may be reached through or Facebook Janice Proulx McNamara.

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