The Power of Earth and Sky -Brighid Murphy, Guest blogger

Our most powerful resources are above and below us. The ancients have always known that our true power lies in our ability to open to the natural forces all around us. We can do this very simply, by making an intention to connect with the earth and the sky.

Our roots, both physical and energetic, lie within the earth. We can tap into the roots to help ground us, nourish us and hold us steady in these tumultuous times.

You can easily benefit from a connection with your roots by adding this practical visualization into your daily routine. Here's what I mean: Take a few breaths, imagine that you have roots that extend from your spine into the earth. Imagine that you are opening the bottoms of your feet. Opening the feet allows the earth to access you, and you to begin to rely on the earth as a resource. Send your roots down into the earth and allow them to merge with the roots that are already so embedded in the earth.

Next, focus on the energy above you. The energy of the sun. Imagine you're opening the space above your head to allow the warm, bright, magnificent sun to come pouring into you. Invite it to spread through every cell in your body.

Then, put these two together - bringing the earth energy up from your roots and into your belly while at the same time, pulling the sun energy in from the top of your head. Where the sun and earth meet in the middle of you, there is a power.

Tap into the power above and below as often as you'd like. When you awake in the morning, when you are experiencing stress in your day, or right before you drift to sleep. You'll find you have more access to your own energy this way, and you're less likely to have the wind knocked out of you, when the world starts to get crazy!

Enjoy this Earth and Sky Meditation to help you tap into the energy above and below you.

Earth and Sky Meditation

Many Blessings,

Brighid Murphy

Brighid Murphy, M.Msc., is a modern shamanic practitioner, women’s empowerment teacher, healer and sacred mentor for the next generation of awakening leaders. As the founder of Spiritworks Healing Arts, she facilitates deep transformation by giving her students tools to align with their inner fire and step into their power so they can be of higher service to the world.

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