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Snapshots of Ireland Volumes 1 - 4

Snapshots of Ireland is the overarching title for this series of travel books that offers the reader an up close and personal glimpse of the Emerald Isle, along the Wild Atlantic Way. The pictures and the author’s conversational notes reflect her love for Ireland and her keen eye for places and experiences that capture the Irish spirit. She includes the obvious tourist stops, but relishes in sharing hidden treasures that may be just a few miles off the beaten path, especially those the Irish call thin places. Readers going to Ireland will find guidance in these soft-covers, lightweight, handy books (8.25 x 6 inches). Armchair travelers will enjoy a vicarious tour. Those who have already visited Ireland will find the pictures and commentary evoke fond memories.

Volume 1: Travels in Cork

Volume 2: Travels in Kerry

Volume 3: Travels in Clare and Limerick

Volume 4: Travels in Galway


Amidst the Stones

Abby and Mark want the freedom to explore their new relationship away from the watchful eyes of family and neighbors. He is fascinated by lighthouses and she is drawn to ancient Celtic stone circles. They embark on a road trip around the coast of Southwest Ireland that takes them into mystical and magical experiences far beyond their planned itinerary. Messages from Abby’s past, even perhaps past lives, greet them as they visit stone circles, ancient Celtic church ruins and ponder the role of the Mother/Divine Feminine in ancient religion, local myth and history, and early Christianity.


Celtic Spirit

Charming, inspiring, insightful and informational story of fictional characters visiting present day Ireland. Travelers gather at the Shannon airport to begin a tour of ancient sites of Ireland. Timothy, their very Irish bus driver, calls their intended visit a trip to the very heart of the Celtic spirit-to thin places, as the Irish would say. The guides offer morning spiritual connection, days of touring, and evenings with pub sing-alongs, dances, and storytelling. Each is drawn to a different aspect of Celtic spirituality and each experiences the powerful energies of the land. A Canadian couple comes for the Celtic music; a woman from Boston comes to honor the Irish saints; another comes to connect with her childhood love of fairies. A young widower brings his teenage son in hopes of healing. A retiring professor seeks inspiration for the next phase of her life…


Visiting the Thin Places of Celtic Ireland

The Irish call them thin places. For some the phrase is synonymous with holy or sacred, a place of transcendence, where one can sense the Divine and feel lifted up. Others are referring to a place where the veil is thin, where there is a gateway to the Other World or portal to the Fairy Kingdom. Still others are referring to the notion of vortexes or sites where they experience a vibrational, mystical energy. Some thin sites are natural, some pagan, some Christian, and still others made by ancient peoples who somehow knew how to channel the light of sun and moon.

This 20-page, 9605-word, article highlights ‘thin places’ often missed by the casual traveler. Jeanne has chosen sacred wells, standing stones, and monasteries that represent differing aspects of Celtic spirituality.